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San Francisco Presidio

Marin Arborists work with on variety of projects with local and state agencies to help protect California Native species in National Parks and other areas throughout the Northern California Bay Area. We will post examples of these projects and some of our current and past jobs.

Inspiration Point Tree Removal in the Presidio, San Francisco 2007
Inspiration Point in the Presidio contains the only serpentine grassland within Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is home to three rare plants, including one of the last remaining populations of Presidio clarkia. Since the fall of 1996 the National Park Service embarked on a program to restore the natural community that once existed at Inspiration Point. Expansion of the native grassland community requires the removal of non-native trees which now flourish around Inspiration Point and create their own microclimate which conflicts with the needs of the native species. This project removes two stands of trees adjacent to the remnant and previously restored serpentine grassland that will, in turn, be restored to a native serpentine grassland habitat.

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Battery Townsley and Wolf Ridge Tree Removal
This job was to help remove non-native species of trees in the vicinity of Battery Townsley to enhance the watershed's native habitat and protect the historic fabric of Battery Townsley and associated archaeological elements.

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