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Marin Arborist's Tree Services

Marin County Arborists offer a full range of tree care services from pruning and removals to consultations and long-term maintenance plans. There is no job we won't consider and some of our past ventures have included high-risk helicopter removals, crane transplants, statuary relocation, and kitten rescue.


Pruning must be done regularly to control the shape and growth on a tree, to improve appearance, and to remove dead or hazardous wood. Every tree will require pruning at some time; pruning incorrectly can lead to tree instability or failure and disfigurement. Pruning may be done in order to:

  • Direct or control growth for aesthetic reasons, to correct the balance, or to prevent breakage and property damage.
  • Encourage flower and fruit production.
  • Promote plant health by pruning away older stems in favor of new growth.
  • Offset or repair damage caused by storms, drought, earthquakes, or high winds.
  • View restoration and privacy.
  • Thin dense growth.
  • For special effect, character, ornament or to enhance privacy. For example, trees such as the Japanese Maple require careful, precise pruning to bring out their delicate beauty.
  • Restore or rejuvenate an established or neglected tree into a more attractive plant through pruning and the stimulation of new growth.
  • Compensate for transplanting and subsequent root loss to ensure a tree thrives in its new environment.