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Marin Arborist's Tree Services

Marin County Arborists offer a full range of tree care services from pruning and removals to consultations and long-term maintenance plans. There is no job we won't consider and some of our past ventures have included high-risk helicopter removals, crane transplants, statuary relocation, and kitten rescue.

Season Specific Services

Pine season

November to February are the only months in which pine trees can be pruned safely. Pruning a pine tree in the warmer months, during peak sap production, increases the risk of internal damage from bark beetles attracted by the dripping sap. Pine trees slow their sap production in the winter months, greatly reducing the risk of internal beetle infestation.

Fire season

Wildfire defensible zones should be created to help protect your home and neighborhood. We recommend trimming away all branches within ten feet of your chimney, removing select lower limbs, and reducing the density of trees and shrubbery on your property. It is also a good idea to remove dead and dying trees and vegetation, dispose of all fallen tree debris, and replace hazardous vegetation with more fire resistive plants.

Storm season

Marin and San Francisco counties experience weather conditions ranging from strong winds, heavy rains, drought, high temperatures, and earthquakes; all of these things can damage a tree and threaten its stability and health. We can access difficult terrain with our crane to remove fallen trees and large limbs quickly and effectively.

Marin County Arborists recommend taking care to protect your trees against storm damage. We can thin growth to lessen the chance of weather damage and if the damage is done, prune to remove the broken branches. We will evaluate and strengthen the root system so that the tree can withstand extreme weather conditions without uprooting or causing massive property damage. In cases where the tree is dead, dying, or irreversibly unstable, removal may prevent disaster during a storm.

Sudden Oak Death

Although there is no particular season when Sudden Oak Death can infect your trees, special care must be taken to prevent infection at all times. If you notice any changes in your Oak trees, action should be taken immediately to prevent failure, death, and possible property damage from fallen trees and limbs. Early detection is vital in preventing tree failure.