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Marin Arborist's Tree Services

Marin County Arborists offer a full range of tree care services from pruning and removals to consultations and long-term maintenance plans. There is no job we won't consider and some of our past ventures have included high-risk helicopter removals, crane transplants, statuary relocation, and kitten rescue.


Marin and San Francisco counties are made up of different zones and slightly different micro-climates: Certain species thrive in certain zones better than others. We can recommend species that will suit your zone or region as well as the desired purpose of the tree, whether for shade, screening, fruit production, or for purely aesthetic purposes. Marin County Arborists can also advise on planting locations to avoid overcrowding.
Planting a new tree requires precision and planning. We work with a number of nurseries to secure healthy, thriving plants. We will help you choose an appropriate location for your tree, taking neighboring plants, sunlight requirements, growth expectations, and resource availability into account. Organic soil and environmentally friendly fertilization options are available upon request. Once planted, proper staking will guarantee that a plant develops a strong trunk. We can also install sprinkler or soaking systems to new or established trees.

The act of transplanting a tree is an extremely delicate one. It requires extensive knowledge of tree temperament and root systems. Our arborists will discuss all aspects of the process with you before attempting to transplant any tree. If you decide to go forward with the transplant, we will take every care to ensure that the tree continue to thrive in its new home. Once transplanted, the tree should be pruned carefully to compensate for root loss. Marin County Arborists will always consider transplanting a tree, no matter its age or size. We also specialize in heritage tree transplant.