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Marin Arborist's Tree Services

Marin County Arborists offer a full range of tree care services from pruning and removals to consultations and long-term maintenance plans. There is no job we won't consider and some of our past ventures have included high-risk helicopter removals, crane transplants, statuary relocation, and kitten rescue.

Stump Grinding and Removal

When a tree dies, it is vital to contact a professional tree service for the removal procedure. The unsightly stump can then be reduced to ground level to prevent termite infestation and to make room for new plantings. We have a number of stump grinders available for all manner, location, and size of stump. We can grind to ground level or below, depending upon your preference. In addition to grinding new stumps, we will happily grind older stumps from previous removals. Treating a stump after grinding can prevent re-sprouting